Pride Dairy is the last small town creamery in the state of North Dakota.

We started off in the 30s with butter and since then have grown to manufacturer and sell numerous products, including some local favorites, such as our large varieties of ice cream, shakes, malts, caramels, and our signature dish’s such as the Pig’s Dinner and Cow Pies. Some of the newest products, which have rapidly grown in popularity, include our syrups and toppings.

 Even though we have widened our product lines and customer basis, we still stand true to our number one mission – making people smile. Here at Pride Dairy, we want to make sure that you leave our store feeling loads happier than you did when you walked in. 

Life has only gotten better for Pride Dairy since 2010 when we were named North Dakota’s Best Ice Cream, as well as, one of the top 50 ice cream parlors in the United States by USA Today.

 Whether you stop in for a tasty treat or order online, we hope you enjoy our products and we look forward to serving you soon!

Our Products

Image by Brianna Anderson