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Over the years, Pride Dairy has added more and more items to their product line. Far gone are the days of just producing ice cream and butter, these days Pride Dairy sales a little bit of everything from cheeses to caramels.

The Classics

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  • milk
butter1 honeybutter2 milk3
Walking in to our store today, you can buy the two products that put Pride Dairy on the map: butter and milk. Even though our butter and milk have been on the market for over 80 years, we still use the same, delicious recipes for both products.

We sell our traditional butter, cinnamon honey butter and garlic butter!

Our Famous Ice Cream

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One of Pride Dairy's greatest treasures is ice cream. With slight flavor additions, we still use the same recipe from when the creamery started manufacturing ice cream in the 40's. It was delicious then and it's delicious now!

Juneberry Chokecherry Black Licorice  
Vanilla Chocolate Pumpkin Pie  
Strawberry Maple Nut Butter Brickle  
Caramel Cluster MOJO Roast Smores  
Cookies n' Cream Cherry Nut Christmas Mint (seasonal)
Chocolate Marshmallow Thomas Jefferson Vintage Vanilla
Strawberry Cheesecake Rhubarb-Strawberry
Cherry Chocolate Chip Peppermint Bon Bon
Bubble Gum Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

We offer our ice cream in Half-Gallon, 5 Quart and 2.5 Gallon sized containers.


  • cheeses
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  • fourchesses
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In our store, we offer individually wrapped 8 oz blocks of cheese in a great variety of flavors.

Mild Cheddar Medium Cheddar Smoked Cheddar  
Sharp Chedder Baby Swiss Ranch  
Salsa Onion Vegetable  
Pepper Jack Salami Co-Jack  
Garlic Horseradish Farmers
Bacon Bacon Onion Colby
  Extra Hot Queso Jalapeno Smoked Gouda
Blue Chedder Dill Habanero
Cranberry Tomato Basil Pepperoni

We also offer Original, Seasoned, and Ranch flavored Cheese Curds in 8oz containers.

Caramel & Honey

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  • honey
  • caramelbox
  • carameltop
caramelsyrup1 honey2 caramelbox3 carameltop4
After noticing a lack of high-quality, premium flavored caramels in the market, Pride Dairy decided to take an old family caramel recipe and run with it. Today, we manufacturer and sell individually wrapped caramels in 8 piece gift boxes.

We took that caramel recipe and adapted into a caramel topping that is to die for! We have been using the homemade caramel topping on our caramel sundaes in our milkshakes for a while and decided to bottle it up for our customers. Our caramel topping comes in an 10 oz glass jar. It's superb drizzled on ice cream. Looking for a healthier alternative? It's also great lightly drizzled on apple slices.

Pride Dairy also makes and bottles honey made on a local bee farm. This impeccable honey comes in 10 oz jars.

Syrups & Toppings

  • june
  • choke
  • rhubarb
  • raspsy
  • minijar
june1 choke2 rhubarb3 raspsy4 minijar5
Pride Dairy produces four high-quality and incredibly delicious syrups and toppings. The topping and syrups are made from local, North Dakota grown produce and come in 8oz and 4oz glass bottles.

We offer Juneberry, Raspberry and Rhubarb-Strawberry toppings and a Chokecherry syrup. The difference between the toppings and syrups is that toppings have fruit particles in them, while the syrup have no particles. These go great on ice cream, pancakes and whatever else you can think of. Feeling adventurous? Spread your favorite topping on pork chops and throw them on the grill!

Shakes, Floats & More

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  • raspberrysundae
  • malt
  • creamcone
  • snocone
  • sundae
cowpie1 raspberrysundae2 malt3 creamcone4 snocone5 sundae6
In addition to just serving ice cream cones, Pride Dairy has an extensive list of treats including milkshakes, malts, floats, sundaes, banana splits, ice cream pies, sno cones, our famous pigs dinner and more!

For a complete listing of our ice cream treats, click here to see our new menu.

Gift Boxes

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Walk in our store and you can literally mix and match any of our products to make gift boxes that are the perfect gift for holidays, events, and to take home to enjoy.

Our gift box come in varies sizes and prizes. From mixing caramels and cheeses to mixing syrups and butter. It can be done at Pride Dairy!


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  • shirt
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Pride Dairy has a full line of products sporting the Pride Dairy label from t-shirts to insulated totes and much more!

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