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Created as a place where local farmers could bring their surplus cream, we date back to June of 1930. In those days, it was incredibly difficult to ship cream, not only because of its delicate state, but of the lack of transportation. To remedy the situation, we decided to take the surplus cream and manufacturer it into a more easily shipped form - butter. With a railroad shipping station in the back, the butter was shipped via railcars to Minneapolis.

As time progressed, we ventured out into other markets and started manufacturing and selling milk as well as running a feed store where chickens and turkeys were butchered. While the feed store was eventually shut down along with the butchering of animals, we continued manufacturing and selling milk. We then streamlined and started manufacturing our butter in smaller one pound portions for retail sale. We use the same recipe today that was used in the 30’s. Annually, we produce and sell around one and a half million pounds of butter.

In 1940, we started manufacturing ice cream and it wasn't’ long until we opened the Dairy Dipper, an ice cream parlor where locals came in for a taste of our frozen treats. Although the Dairy Dipper was met with success and proved to be quite the after school spot for younger kids, it only lasted a decade. We still continued with the manufacturing of ice cream and annually we produce and sell around 200,000 to 250, 000 gallons.

Over the years, we have evolved by staying competitive and introducing new products to our line, such as caramels, cheeses, syrups/toppings and a myriad of ice cream flavors and treats. Gift boxes have also been a huge success for us, especially around the holiday season, where we mail out around 3000 gift boxes to people across the world.

We have surpassed other creameries throughout the state of North Dakota by being the only small town creamery left. We give credit to our wonderful staff here at Pride Dairy and to the local community that has supported us throughout the years.

Because of the local community we have had great success in providing our products to restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, nursing homes and schools throughout a 50 mile radius. In recent months, we decided to satisfy requests from locals and open back up the retail portion of our business with the Dairy Dipper II, where people can come into the warmest and friendliest of environments and enjoy a cold and tasty treat. We also sell all of our other products right in the store, which has been a tremendous success garnering us attention throughout the state and nation.

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